Optimum Kickstarter Clone for your Fundraising Platform

Don’t waste time in building your fundraising platform from scratch, use Kickstarter Clone and launch your platform in quick time.


The Kickstarter Clone is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to have his own fundraising business platform. Though fundraising used to be a tough thing to do, it is now a thriving and popular trend that enables every person to make his dreams come true. If you want to be the best in the fundraising industry, then Kickstarter Clone script is the best tool for you.

This software has been specially designed for all the people who want to find excellent opportunities on the fund field. You already know which funding market you want to attract? Reward-based, equity-based or donation based, these are your options. All business startups will want to be in PHP Kickstarter Clone and benefit from it.

Use FundForIdea

FundForIdea is another fundraising script that will enable you to build your own website and use features similar to the Kickstarter. All the project creators can create their personal profile. In this profile, they have to enter all their needs and all the important details regarding the use of their project and the desired fund.

php kickstarter clone

Later, the backers can browse through these profiles, and they can donate to whomever they find suitable. You have to manage and create a secure environment for them and successful donation software.

Customize Your Software

PHP Kickstarter Clone can actually be customized according to your specific needs and the demands of the current market. You will have in your hands the latest technologies with all the required features so that you can choose from.

It is incredible that you can now create a clone website for many top-rated websites, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe using a single script. So, it is beneficial over that Kickstarter clone open source.

Special Requirements

What will you need to build your own Kickstarter Clone script? Well, just the FundForIdea from ClonesCloud. Of course, it will require for you to do some customized work, but guess what? The experienced team of ClonesCloud can help you with that. All the modifications, upgrades or specializations you want to make, the team will help you out.

Check the Demo

If you have no idea about Kickstarter Clone or any other details, no worry. You can always simply check the demo of this software. This will help you have a better notion of what you will start doing from now on. The demo is available to all and has as a sole purpose to give you a detailed image of how your platform will actually work and what features it includes.

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Having a special requirement, simply contact the ClonesCloud team and let the experts know about your requirements and needs. The team will be right beside you, whatever you need to make it happen. Do not waste any more of your precious time and build your own fundraising platform.

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